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Edwards and Lombard Finance in a Short Film by The Times

Edwards Coaches, a family run business now in their 5th generation of ownership are a Coach Holiday company based in South Wales. As 2015 represents their 90th year of operation, Edwards Coaches have plenty of reason to be in celebratory mood. Tuesday 1st of December marks the release of the ‘The Times’ Newspaper short film documentary on the partnership between Edwards Coaches and Lombard Finance, the Asset Finance arm of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The partnership between Edwards Coaches and Lombard, has allowed Edwards Coaches to grow the fleet further than ever before, helping to finance and fulfil their demand for new Executive Coaches. Now with 210 vehicles on the road everyday, covering a staggering 11 million miles annually, Edwards Coaches has established a great base within the heart of South Wales. With Holidays travelling across the UK and Europe wide including pick up routes across the M4 corridor, The Forest of Dean and Welsh Borders, M25 and the M20 for European Holidays, this allows the business to increase their reach, outside of South Wales. The investment of added Executive Vehicles has also allowed Edwards to add to their many income streams across the business from Local Bus Service, Coach Hire, Groups, Holidays and Ecole, the Educational School Tour providers.

The short documentary was filmed by The Times Newspaper in November 2015 and looked closely at the relationship between the two companies. As well as looking at the established partnership, the film takes a brief look into behind the scenes at Edwards Coaches from the workshop to the front of house Travel Consultants.

Travelling in the renowned Red Dragon Coach, famed for transporting the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) team, it is about the growth of Edwards Coaches over the years and how they have helped the local economy grow. Contributing over £9 million per year to the local economy, Edwards Coaches employ 470 staff, the majority of which are based within South Wales.

The release of the documentary has now gone live on The Times website and can be viewed here, http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/public/assetfinance/article4629074.ece

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