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Edwards Customers Reward Staff Members

At Edwards Coaches, they take pride in their customers and value what they have to say. Every now and again, businesses get a reminder of just how important the relationship between an employee and customer is.

In November 2015, Europe was rocked by Terrorism, affecting travel across Europe particularly France and Belgium. At Edwards Coaches, more than 80,000 people travel across the UK and Europe each year, so immediately the attacks across the channel had an impact on the holiday stream of Edwards. Right away, concerns were raised across European destinations as question marks were put over the tours as to whether or not they would run.

One Group who had planned a group travel trip to Brussels immediately had concerns over safety and travelling across to Europe. Not to be outdone in the face of adversity, they were determined to rearrange the Brussels Christmas Shopping trip for somewhere in the United Kingdom. The two travel group consultants who handled the booking at Edwards Coaches, Mel and Alysha, were more than happy to oblige and recommended a trip to Leeds City Centre to carry out their shopping.

Following the successful trip to Leeds, Mel and Alysha received a huge Bouquet of flowers from their customer, showing gratitude and appreciation for handling the situation in such a professional manner.

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